Day 15 - To Fromista

June 11, 2014 - Distance Traveled: 25.2 km -

Emilie and I left Castrojeriz before the sun had risen. There seems to be a nightly battle between the Europeans (especially those from the East) and the Americans regarding whether the windows should be open or closed. Last night the Americans lost, and the windows stayed closed. With no open windows in Albergue, it gets pretty hot and stuffy, providing just the right amount of encouragement needed to make an early start.

Just outside of town is a very steep incline which provides an opportunity to get your heart-rate up early in the morning. I have a mentor who always says, "Do the hard things first." He would be proud of us today.

The sun began to peak over the horizon just as we reached the top of the mountain. Our shadows were bathed in golden light. We turned to watch the first light of the day peak through the clouds. It is a treat to drink in such beauty morning after morning.

During these early hours, Emilie and I walked together. She was continuing to disciple me in walking slowly. Honestly, I am not a very good student. Often, I would find I had gotten out in front of her. When I would catch myself, I would stop, wait for her to pass, fall back beside or behind her, and once again try to match my pace to her's. Luck for me, she is a patient teacher (which is her profession by the way). When I would remain here, we would engage in good conversation. It always chased away any thoughts about the soreness of my knees or the distance we were covering.

We split up after our coffee break in order to walk in solitude the rest of the day.

Here is Helen and a man named Jonathan, who also showed up in Castrojeriz. He is from France and is walking the Camino with his father, Andrew. They have been doing small sections for several years and are finally going to complete it this year. They began their final segment in Burgos (the same place Helen, Rachel and Amy started). Over Helen’s shoulder you can see the gate to our albergue and just make out someone resting in the courtyard.

Formista was our destination for the day. This church, which was built in the 11th century, dominated the squared across from our albergue.

After spending the afternoon in the courtyard of our Albergue chatting with the Kiwis, the boys from Philadelphia, and much of the rest of our Camino Family we headed over to the Church for a free concert by a classical guitar player. He is from the Middle East, studies in the USA, and is making appearances throughout Spain. I don’t remember his name, but the sound of his guitar in that stone church is still resonating in my ears. Such beauty!

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