Day 12 - To Burgos

June 8, 2014 - Distance Traveled: 22 km -

At the end of today, we will have officially finished 1/3rd of the Camino. With that comes some big changes. The five Italian men who have been traveling with us will head home from Burgos. They have already done the rest of the Camino last year. Burgos also marks the end of Yavidan's Camino. She is a woman I have been able to have some wonderful conversations with. As a parting gift for her, God provided a beautiful sunrise. As we walked in the cool of the morning, I asked Yavidan what she will take from the Camino. She shared many things but the most profound was that she discovered that even without makeup she is beautiful. This was significant, given the fact she works in the fashion industry, an industry that really challenges your value and beauty. You can tell she has a greater sense of who she is and has a new found confidence from having spent 12 days on this journey.

About and hour and a half into the days journey, we stopped for a cafe con leche and a slice of Spanish tortilla. It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Though I would have loved to be in a worship service, I am not sure I could have been any closer to God's heart than I was walking through this beautiful landscape, with these people. We indulged ourselves by lingering longer than normal, enjoying the gifts of the moring, knowing we had fewer kilometers to cover today.

As we continued on our journey the path between our feet lead us from the peaceful countryside into the big city of Burgos. This was quite shocking to our senses. We missed the alternative route and ended up walking through a large industrial section of the city. It was full of noise, dirt and congestion. Walking also became much harder on the feet because of hard tiled sidewalks. I had thought about taking a "rest day" here, but I am pretty sure my senses could not take it. As beautiful as the old city is, I will actually be happy to leave this place.

Franziska is celebrating their arrival.

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