10 Day - To Belorado

June 6, 2014 - Distance Traveled: 22.9 km -

There were times as you traveled the Camino you felt as if you were walking though the beauty of a never-ending landscape.

In case you have forgotten your map, they have posted one for you.

Sergio filmed much of his journey on a GoPro. As he walked into each town he would narrate the journey so he could share it with his wife when he returned home. He also was always wearing that smile. It was a lift to the spirits of all of us who were walking with him.

We were treated to some spectacular views by taking the short hike to the castle ruins.

A new addition to our clan, who I will introduce to you in a moment. For now, it is enough to say the dress she dawned when we arrived into town made the rest of us feel a bit under dressed.

Before dinner, while we waited for everyone to gather so we could go together and purchase groceries for the evening meal, people started taking out their guide books in order to figure out when they wanted to arrive in Santiago, and how many more days that would take. I didn't have to even think about it. I knew, because of when I planned on meeting my friend in Sarria, I would finish my journey on June 30th. Some had to be in Santiago by the 27th, others by the 29th. In the midst of the conversations I realized, but did not share at the time, that I will not finish the Camino with any of these people. Leaving Marta this morning was hard. Thinking of walking into Santiago without any of these people who have become like family, was even harder.

The last two years have been a season of loss. I wanted my Camino to be a physical expression of the journey I have been on. In the moment I realized it is going to be so much more than physical. This Camino is going to involve every part of me.

For now, however, I am invited to be in the moment. Everyone arrived and we headed off to get our groceries.

With everyone pitching in, it wasn't long before our Camino family was sitting down for diner. Marta's absence created space for a new face at the table, Franziska. She looks as though she could be Irish. She is actually from Germany and she speaks fluent Korean, having spent several years in Korea. As you can imagine, given two of our family members were from South Korea, she fit right in. She is a free spirit and has a curiosity about life.

Later, after dinner, several members of the group climbed up to the ruins of an old castle. I was setting on my bed, packing for the next morning, when through the open window I heard their voices. They were proclaiming from the mountain top, “I love my life.” I smiled and nodded in agreement. It loved to be walking with these wonderful people.

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