Day 7- To Logrono

June 3, 2014 - Distance Traveled: 20.6 km -

Since today was a shorter walk, (only 20.6km/12.8 miles) we all decided to walk alone in the morning and save the time as a group for the long days when we will need encouragement. As I walked alone, I sang the song "Unto Thee Oh Lord" from Psalms 25. I has become the song I lead out with each morning. I then quieted my voice and simply turned my attention to the presence of Christ. It was a beautiful morning because of the dipping down into valleys and climbing back up. The change in elevation allowed me to experience three different sunrises.

Admits the beauty, in the silence, I heard Christ say, "I know what it is to be betrayed and discarded by those close to me. I chose to trust my Father, who is trustworthy. You can trust me and the Father in whom I have placed my trust". These were words of invitation. I spent the rest of the morning simply walking in an attitude of trust.

We all caught up to one another by mid-morning in Viana, where we shared a table and cafe con leche. After the break we decided to walk together. Sometimes in conversation and sometimes in silence. It's amazing how quickly you develop the ability to be together without having to speak.

Karen is perusing a stand which is run by Maria. It is outside her home which is on the Camino, just as you enter Logrono. Every day she counts the pilgrims who stop to receive a stamp in their passport. She also sells small trinkets and souvenirs. I do not know how long she had been doing this, but Karen remembered her from her first Camino years before.

Most of the family was able to join us for dinner in Logrono. Annemarie was there as well. Junyoung and Ki made our meal. Junyoung wanted to cook Korean food for us. His plan was that we would be so blown over by how good it was we would want to visit South Korea. It was delicious. His plan may have some merit. Notice the wine bottles. They are both open thanks to the corkscrew on my Swiss Army knife. This service, the capacity to slice cheese, dried salami, and vegetables, along with my ability to wash dishes was what I had to offer. No one will be visiting the USA because of my cooking.

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