Day 6 - To Torres del Rio

June 2, 2014 - Distance Traveled: 29.1 km -

As we agreed, we all met up and set out together in search of the fountain of wine.

According to the Codes Calixtinus, a 12th century illumined manuscript intended to give advice to pilgrims making their way to Santiago, in a part of Spain where there is "land of good bread and excellent wine" there is a winery which utilizes vineyards cultivated by the monastery as far back as 1072. In 1991, the company installed a fountain which gives both fresh water and red wine. We arrived here early, so the thought of a glass of wine was a little off putting, but that did not stop us from taking a taste as part of the Camino experience. Besides the normal crew, in this photo is Jeff, the man with the knee braces. He had his passport stolen in Pamplona and will have to make a detour later in the trip to get a new one at the US Consolate. On the far left is Karen. I called her the wise woman of the Camino. Her insight and wisdom was always helpful. According to her, "If you do not humble yourself to the Camino, the Camino will humble you." I do believe she is right. It is always a treat when our paths crossed.

Long walks and deep talks fill our days.

We are taking a break mid-morning. There is no cafe con leche, but the view is spectacular.

We pushed past our planned stopping point of Los Arcos and made our way to Torres del Rio. The path between Los Arcos and Torres del Rio was some of my favorite that we have traveled so far. Having begun the day together so we could experience the wine fountain in the company of our friends, we walked the rest of the day together. Much laughter and many wonderful conversations were shared.

This town was a false summit. We had hope it was Torres del Rio, but it was actually Sansol, 1 km short of our destination.

Even though there was only 1 km left to walk, some were still dreaming of taking a buss.

Our albergue has this wonderful courtyard, complete with a small pool for soaking you feet. Many of the people we had been walking with were either staying here or came by to enjoyed the courtyard with us.

The ladies would dawn a light scarf once we arrived in town, turning their walking cloths into evening-wear. The men had no such accessory.

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