Day 5 - To Estella

June 1, 2014 - Distance Traveled: 21.7 km -

Even a shadow can find its way, if follows the yellow arrows. That is a good thing because I often set out alone in the mornings and I tend to walk fast. Part of my speed is my height and stride, allowing me to cover ground quicker than some. My speed is also produced by the desire to arrive and settle in to where I will be staying for the night. There is a third aspect, I am discovering it is hard to walk slow externally when internally your thoughts are running a mile a minute. Part of what I need to learn is how to walk at a slower pace. I am continuing to learn what it is to simply be present in the moment, and allow the moment to set the pace.

Letting the moment set the pace is easier with views like this.

This is Cirauqui, a town on the way to Estella. The journey through the countryside is often a mixture of big skies, rolling fields and distant villages. The space, in-between towns, is filled with prayer, meditation, beauty, conversation and the sound of crunching of gravel beneath your feet.

It is too early for grapes, but that does not take away from the beauty of the grape vines.

Poppies boarder the barley fields, as if they were intentionally planted there.

This is the nucleus of what has become our Camino family. Sergio is in the yellow shirt. He is from Brazil. He showed me kindness to me in Roncesvalles by caring for my pack, and is teaching me what it was to see the Camino with wonder. Standing next to him is Ki. He is from Korea. Ki has a kind heart and was always willing to serve. The rest of the group is rounded out with Marta (Italy), Emilie (USA), Junyoung (Korea) and Yavidan (Mexico/France). We come from five different countries but are finding a unity of spirit as we walk together. We snapped this photo as we were heading off to sample some of Estella’s pinchos.

Though we often leave at different times in the morning, we have decided tomorrow we will meet and walk out of town together, so that we can share the experience of the fountain of wine.

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