Day 2 - To Zubiri

May 29, 2014 - Distance Traveled: 21.9 km -

I left Roncesvalles as the sun was coming up. The village has long been a favorite resting place for pilgrims after crossing the Pyrenees and is known in history for the defeat of Charlemagne and the death of Roland in 778. At this early hour it was quiet and still. I was happy to look back on the small village and see light clouds and blue skies over head.

While there were clouds in the sky, rain did not follow us into the second day of walking. In fact, when I arrived in Zubiri I sat in the square, bathing in the sun, until the albergue opened. Once it did, we went about the routine of showing, doing laundry, and then finding a place to have a bite to eat. Much of the afternoon was spend sitting around tables, hearing other's stories, and allowing the conversation to lead us into the deeper places of our hearts. During one of these chats, a gentleman shared that the "Camino teaches you to be present". I am discovering the truth of this statement, and it is life giving.

This is Joey. I met her in the train station in Paris. She had walked the Camino the year before and was returning again this year. She was the first pilgrim I met and was happy to share some of what she had learned from her previous experince. I was headed to the pharmacy in Zubiri to score some mega doses of Ibuprofen when I ran into her. It was the last time I would see her on the Camino.

My shoes were wet, covered with mud, and needed to be bathed in the sun. Their condition was evidence of two days of walking on wet, slippery, muddy trails. I chose to wear trail running shoes because of the comfort they provided and the fact they are lighter than traditional hiking boots. You would be amazed at the difference saving a pound of weight on your feet will make at the end of a long day of walking. Over 90% of the Camino in on paved roads, sidewalks, or relativity flat dirt country roads. I felt like these were the best choice given the trails and roads I would be walking on.

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