Day 3 - Pamplona

May 30, 2014 - Distance Traveled: 26.4 -

Not knowing the pace I would keep, I set out early and walked alone. This gave me space to be with my thoughts and to open my heart through prayer. Now that I have gotten through the first two days of walking, I am beginning to turn my heart towards the questions which brought me to this place and opening myself to the lessons this physical journey can teach me about the internal spiritual journey I have been on. If I am honest, I would describe my posture as a bit anxious at this point. I am worried about being able to walk, about getting to the next town in time to have a bed, and about what I might discover on this journey. By the end of the day I had a conversation with Yavidan about stopping in the mornings for cafe con leche. She tells me I am missing out by not making space for it. I trust what she is telling me and intend on making it a habit from her on out.

This is Emilie, standing at the gate leading into the city of Pamplona. I met her in Zubiri while sitting around with a group of pilgrims who were sharing a bit about themselves and telling stories from first the two days of walking. On the way to Pamplona we passed each other several times during the day. Finally, just before we came to the city, we matched one another’s pace and walked in together.

Yavidan, Emilie, and Samantha are standing outside of our albergue for the night, having just returned from a shopping trip to pick up the small necessities that three days of walking have convinced us would be helpful. One of the items a new friend named Sergio sent me looking for was arnica oil, to help with inflammation. I found it in the form of a cream. We will see how much it helps.

This is Brant and Litsa. We have walked together from the beginning. They had met one another while walking the Camino last year. On that trip Brant had begun in St. Jean, and Litsa had started in Pamplona. She wanted to return to complete the first section of the Camino. For Litsa, arriving in Pamplona was significant because it meant she had reached her goal. To celebrate we went to several bars to sample pinchos. Their willingness to share their experience from the prior year has been a gift. It is helping us adjust our expectations and get into the rhythm of the Camino. Brant also has passed on what he had learned last year about selecting wine. In case you are wondering, there are four age classification: Joven, Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva. Brant has assured us, in most cases, if you pick a Crianza you will not be disappointed.

Unfortunately, I do not remember these men's names. They had started walking their Camino from their front door, which is how most pilgrims throughout the centuries have walked the Camino. They had been walking for a month and a half when they arrived in St. Jean where I began.

These first few days on the Camino have been adjusting to new people, experince, and rhythm of life. I am just now feeling as if i am getting my feet under me. I came to the Camino alone, intending to create the space to hear from God. I am surprised how much of that space is being filled with people. God is using their presence and words to speak to me in significant ways. I am excited to see how our stories will be woven together.

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