May 26, 2018 - Today, for some reason, the tendon on the top of my left foot was tight and sore all day. Yesterday, it felt good.

In the beginning of the day, walking actually made it feel a bit better, but by mid morning it hurt to the point that I was having to focus on how I stepped to be able to keep walking.

It was about this time a woman who I have been keeping pace with began to open up. We talked about the hurts of life and how it has impacted her view of God. It was a very significant conversation. One which would not have happened had I not walked through the pain. The pain was worth it. When we arrived at the little village where we stopped for the day, I was elated. Finally, there could be rest for my foot. A few hours after we settled in, my hip began to hurt. I have not had any problem with it thus far, so it kind of surprised me. Simply walking down the street, without a pack, was difficult. Thinking about it, I cannot help but wonder if I somehow was compensating as I walked in a way that put undue pressure on the joint, causing the inflammation. It was unnoticeable at the time, but now it was imposible to ignore. Currently I am laying in bed, wondering if I will be able to walk tomorrow. I want to continue, but I also feel indifferent to what tomorrow may bring. Maybe, it will feel better in the morning. Maybe, it will require a rest day. Maybe, it will be the end of my Camino and I will have to go home early. At the writing of this, I have no idea what will come. A nights sleep will tell. What I do know in this moment is that whatever comes, I will trust God will bring good from it. Sure, there may be joy at being able to walk, or dissapointment at having to stop, but those emotions will be outweighed by the reality that God is good, and works all things together for good. That is the weightier reality of the situation. If it doesn't go the way I would want, I will turn my heart towards looking for what God will give birth to out of the circumstance. That is a heart posture I was learning, but not yet carrying on my first camino. Now it feels like it is safely tucked away in my pack, something I now carry with me. It is just another way the Camino is mirroring how I have grown since my last journey.

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