Name: Sue

When did you walk? May 2-June 10, 2017

What drew you to the Camino? A friend walked the Camino and I followed him on Facebook. As I saw his story unfold, I thought to myself, “I could maybe do that”.

What was most impactful about your experience? The people I met, and the peace & solitude I experienced.

What is the one thing you would want someone who is preparing to walk the Camino to know? Be deliberate with your thoughts, push yourself if you need to, but listen to your body as well.

What has remained with you since your Camino? I long to go back for the mind space, physicality & spirituality! The people are awesome too!!! I never thought I could something like the Camino, but I did! This has had a significant impact on what I believe I can do.

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