When did you walk? March 2019

What drew you to the Camino? I was drawn to the Camino in the way contemplative / difficult / outdoor experiences catch my attention. I was intrigued and invited all at once immediately when I heard of it.

What was most impactful about your experience? It’s liminal. There’s nothing concrete about the way it has impacted me other that I know it has and I’m certain about that.

What is the one thing you would want someone who is preparing to walk the Camino to know? I would tell you to create space in your life to be open to your experiences (practice welcoming whatever is in your life – go outside and welcome/enjoy the wind, make a cup of coffee and welcome/savor it, and then meet a stranger and welcome them and their experience). This will all help you welcome the whole Camino experience.

What has remained with you since your Camino? What remains is the sense that my experiences matter (grand and mundane), just like life was like on the Camino.

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