When did you Walk the Camino? I walked the Portuguese way of the Camino de Santiago in summer of 2018, or more specifically, from June 25th to July 4th. I walked with my sister and 4 other friends.

What drew you to the Camino? Our story of how we got there is a bit different than others. My sister and I took Spanish all throughout high school. Our junior year, as a cultural aspect, our teacher told our class about the Camino. She explained its significance, it’s history, and even showed us pictures because she had done it herself. After that quick presentation, my sister and I knew that we were meant to follow the same path. For the next year, my sister and I, along with guidance from our teacher, planned our trip.

What was most impactful about your experience? The most impactful thing for me on the trip was seeing and meeting everyone else embarking on the same journey I was. Talking to the other pilgrim and learning their stories really touched me. Along with that, the help and loved I received everyday by complete strangers really impacted me.

What is one thing you would want someone who is preparing to walk the Camino to know? As a word of advice, I would say to pack lightly. You only really need a few pieces of clothes and some basic toiletries. After that, everything else is just dead weight. The more you can eliminate, the better. I would also advise anyone planning on walking the Camino to train beforehand. I did not do so and in turn, I was a wreck from day one.

What has remained with you since your Camino? One thing that has remained with me from the Camino is the feeling of tranquility. Whenever I am stressed or worried or having anything troubling my mind, I can bring myself back to that lovely time and place where everything was so simple; and that brings me comfort. 

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