When did you walk? Early March 2019

What drew you to the Camino? I was initially drawn to the Camino hearing stories about a friend's experience and watching the documentary "I Will Push You." I love backpacking, retreating in the outdoors, and am passionate about attending to the depths of the human soul through companionship with God, so the Camino sounded like a great place to engage in all of those loves.

What was most impactful about your experience? My Camino was full of the unexpected which was primarily shaped by getting very sick for half of my trip. One of the most impactful things though was how I experienced God with me as I had to take taxis from one town to the next, as I spent a few days alone in my alburgue sleeping/resting, and had to embrace the invitation of each day as it actually was vs. what I had hoped it would be.

What is the one thing you would want someone who is preparing to walk the Camino to know? As you prepare all of your travel plans, gear, and break in your shoes, try to also notice the expectations you are carrying with you before you go. Be open to what your experience actually is and the people you are with. It will be your own story - don't expect anyone else's story. Also, get a cafe con leche.

What has remained with you since your Camino? One of the main things that has stayed with me from my Camino is in the many unexpected experiences I have continued to encounter since being home. I have thought many times, "my Camino continues!" and it almost seems as if God was doing work in my soul on the Camino to prepare me for the months that were to follow. Though it's far from the Camino experience I would have chosen, it has been a deep gift to know God's loving presence in this way. He continues to invite me to embrace Him in the experience that is right in front me vs. what I would have dreamed up for myself.

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