When did you walk? Late February/Early March 

What drew you to the Camino? Was entering a huge transition and before it I was looking for a trip that would allow space of healing, adventure and time to process. It felt like the perfect trip for that.  

What was most impactful about your experience? The beauty and the stillness. I totally disconnected from the world for the first 6 days and to be a totally different space that had such a sensory experience to it. I also had a few profound moments of feeling the Lord's love and provision that have stayed with me.

What is the one thing you would want someone who is preparing to walk the Camino to know? For me it was helpful to remember why I was walking. To be able to hold the "why" was helpful when it got hard. I also wish I had 1 more pair of underwear:) 

What has remained with you since your Camino? This idea of trusting the Lord; that he knows what He is about. I also have two really impactful visceral experiences that have had layers of meaning since. 

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