Here are links to resources I found to be helpful as I was planning my Camino, or have enjoyed since my return.  You can spend hours sifting through websites, reading books and watching films. In the beginning this is helpful. It inspires you, points you in the right direction, helps you make decisions and allows you to learn from the mistakes of other's, so you can be freed up to make your own. 

I would encourage you at some point to put the books down, save a few films for your return, and stop seeking advice on the forums.


As, your day of departure draws near, digesting more information may only lead to second guessing and anxiety. Trust yourself, what you have learned and the decisions you have made. Instead of taking in more input, create the space necessary for your own story and prepare your heart for what you are about to write. 


With that in mind, I hope these resources will be helpful and enjoyable.



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